Month: June, 2011

~ Life in Transition ~ Fond du Lac/Plymouth Photography

June 1, 2011

The blog has been neglected. We are in a state of transition right now, living out of suitcases. We moved out of our home 10 days ago. We won’t be in our new place for at least another 8-10 days. Blessed by some amazingly gracious friends, we have a beautiful roof over our heads during this transition. Things are going as well as they possible can, all things considered. We look forward to being settled in our new (almost 100 year old) home in Plymouth.

A couple of months ago Jayda, Mya, and I were at the mall. The girls wanted to do one of those photo booth things. It was fairly pricey so I told them I would do a “photo booth” with them sometime. They took the time to write down all of the ideas they had for their BF photo shoot. Waiting for decent weather, we put it off. With the big move on the horizon, I knew I needed to get the shoot done or it would never happen. So, the weekend before we moved, we ventured out for some pics. The girls had the giggles & tons of fun. I printed out their “photo booth” on metallic paper… they are the shots with the frames on the bottom right. These images are so precious because I know how much they enjoy hanging out with each other.

This will be one of the hardest transitions for us. The kids have some good friends in Fond du Lac. Jayda has also had many opportunities for athletics here. We know that there are many new opportunities for them in Plymouth. These are just some of the things that will be missed.

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