Month: September, 2011

~ Timothy Heinen Music ~

September 20, 2011

You’ve all stopped by my website at least once before, right? If so, you’ve heard the incredibly talented Timothy Heinen strumming, tapping and plucking away. Music seems to seep out of Tim. He has a heart for the Lord and longs to connect through worship. Tim has a quiet, reserved nature yet when amongst friends, he can get down right goofy… I mean that in the best way, pal!

I had SUCH a great time during this photo shoot with Tim. We had a vision for dramatic lighting and reaching the soul. He played his music and I was able to create & capture. To me, BW images instantly communicate drama and a heart connect. So, I am presenting all BW here because I feel it achieves the goal that I was striving for.

Check out Tim and his work at: Music Reach

Also, I love watching his youtube videos because seeing him play is just as enjoyable as listening.


Lisa’s Smile

Chinese Take Out

Wart Wind


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