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January 12, 2012

We decided to take a trip to Oceanside California this year over Christmas instead of giving gifts to each other. It was an absolutely wonderful decision. We had lots of quality time together and made memories that will last far longer than “stuff” that we would have bought for the kids. A huge bonus was also getting to spend time with my aunt and her family. We had adventures at Legoland, Sea World, and the Wild Animal Park. We were so blessed to be able to go to each of these parks. However, I think I enjoyed time driving with the top down and hanging at the beach even more. There were so many pictures taken that it was hard to condense them down for the blog. I’ve broken the pictures up into a few themes.

Here we are flying out on Christmas Day!

This was hanging out at the Oceanside Pier before taking the train to Old Town for lunch. Funny thing… my cousin Nat is 4 months younger than Jayda. From behind, they looked like twins with their same colored ponytails, navy hoodies, and plaid chucks.

When we got off the train, the sun was about to set so we darted over to the beach. This was the only sunset that we caught and I’m so glad we did. Our crazy WI kids were soaked up to their waists from playing in the ocean. It was maybe 50 degrees when the sun set that night. I have no clue how chilly the water was. I used the fisheye lens for all of these shots so please pardon the extreme vignette that came straight out of camera.

Since Aunt Bon knows EVERYONE, on “Beach Day” we got a private boat ride from the Harbor Police. It was a blast to cruise on the ocean and visit the crazy sea lions that live on the buoy. After that, we hung out at the beach all afternoon. We hoped to catch another sunset but the marine layer took over around 4:15 so there was nothing to see… literally. You could hardly see right in front of you.

And finally, here are some other favorite shots from our trip. We had tons of fun. It was absolutely worth it!

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  • Jes Gwozdz · Posted January 17, 2012 at 8:46 pm · Link

    Best Christmas gift EVER! Looks like you all had a blast together.

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