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January 26, 2012

This the time of year when I get to some of my personal photos that I didn’t have time to edit during my busy season. Therefore, you will be seeing a few warm weather posts in the coming weeks.


Anyone ever heard of that before? Friends of ours have a sister and a son who live in Alaska. There is a legend there of the shape shifting “land otter man” aka Kushtaka. As I read a bit more about it on Wiki, it can be a rather dark tale. However, these friends of ours make anything into great fun. In honor of the “land otter man” they set up 100 foot tarps for man to act like otters sliding down a hill… picture a huge slip ‘n slide. Participants hose down, soap up, run, and slide head first to see how far they can go. It doesn’t take long for the mud to form at the end of the tarp. Being that this was the 2nd annual Kushtaka event, they learned that it was best to have a 2nd tarp for the younger kids to keep them “safe” – but it looked like it was so the adults can get more runs in and be crazy.

These are the times that I love to be the “photographer” as it was Labor Day weekend and not nearly warm enough for me to participate. Please keep in mind that not all of these have the best focus as people were careening past me. Sometimes focus is overrated anyway. 😉  HERE ARE THE BIG KIDS…


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