{ McKayla } Senior Portrait Photography – Fond du Lac WI

July 13, 2013

Here’s McKayla!

First off, crazy story… Although I had never met McKayla before her session, it turns out that we use to live 4 houses down from her… For 10 Years!

How we never crossed paths before is beyond me.

We had a potentially stormy morning for our shoot. According to the radar, we looked clear for about an hour or so.

We were scurrying around trying to make the most of our time as we could see the storm rolling in.

One of my favorite shots is from when we went on top of the parking garage. I asked her if she is afraid of heights. To my delight, she is not!

I, on the other hand, would NOT have had the nerve to stand on that cement block at all, let alone in heels. The dramatic sky just added to the fantastic image, IMO.

It didn’t take long for the sprinkles to start. Then about 40 minutes in we had a major down pour and sky to ground lighting.

We did the best that we could with our time and decided to finish up another day.

The 2nd day was beautiful and dry!

McKayla, I had a great time working with you. Thank you for choosing me to photograph your senior pictures.

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