Month: October, 2013

{ Family } Plymouth WI Photography

October 18, 2013

You may remember these guys from here and here.

Heather is an absolute gem of a friend.

She has been patiently waiting for these photos as the sessions kept rolling in.

How adorable are they??

Hope they were worth the wait!

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[ Ethan ] Elkhart Lake Glenbeulah High School Senior Portraits

October 11, 2013

Meet Ethan!

I’ve known Ethan for a long time as we’ve attended the same church for many years.

He is a quiet guy who is gifted at crafting things, musically talented, and loves the outdoors & his motorcycles.

We shot this session on his fantastic property as well as the Glenbeulah Mill Pond.

Funny story, we were walking down a hill toward the water at the Mill Pond.

I felt something move across my flip flopped foot.

I look down…

Let out a huge squeal…

As I realized that a small black snake had slithered across my foot.

I had the hibigeebies for the rest of the evening.

I felt a little better after my “freak out” when his nature loving family said they aren’t fond of snakes either.

Ethan, thanks for choosing me as your Senior Portrait Photographer. I had a great time working with you and your family.

Have an awesome senior year!

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