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April 22, 2014

I am SO incredibly excited about this family that’s on the blog today! There is so much to say about these guys. I’ll try to summarize…
A few years ago our dear friends sold both businesses that they owned and most of their belongings to become full time missionaries in the Bahamas. They had been traveling multiple times a year to help at the All Saints Camp down there. They sensed God leading them to serve there full-time, so they obediently followed the call. They have touched many lives in the Bahamas as well as here in Wisconsin. In the midst of their transition, they fell in love with 2 amazing children who happened to be in need of a family. Through a long and grueling process, they were able to officially adopt these 2 this past November! They finally got all of the paperwork to go through so that they could travel together for the first time to Wisconsin to meet family & friends. It was nothing short of an act of God orchestrating all of the events.

As soon as I heard they were coming, I told them we were doing a photo shoot. The boy was praying that it would snow while they were here. Would you believe that God granted that request? In April?? Along with that request came some much colder temps than they were use to. So, at the last minute, we barged in on a friend of ours to use her home for the session. We didn’t spend a lot of time outside but still managed to get some fun shots inside & out.

Tim & Felicia, I absolutely loved capturing your gorgeous family! I can’t wait to take some in your neck of the woods :)

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