Month: May, 2014

{ The Shoot-Out } Plymouth WI photography

May 19, 2014

Something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time…

Something that challenged & stretched me…

Something that I learned a LOT from…

Something that was absolutely worth all of the hours and technology headaches…

4 juniors + 2 sophomores + 3 stylists + 1 videographer + 3 patient family members + several gracious friends =

The 2014 Theresa Rose Photography Shoot-Out!

We shot on a perfect spring day, 2 weekends ago.

The Reveal Party was last night and honestly, I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face.

What a joy is was to be with the girls as they watched the slideshow & behind the scenes footage.

Kat, Delaney, Cara, Brooke, Alli, & Aubrey, I cannot thank you enough for being models for my first major Shoot-Out!

Here are some of the results, starting with the urban shots:

Moving on to the Campfire shots:

Finally, some individual and random shots:

I look forward to another Shoot-Out in the future!

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