Month: July, 2014


July 21, 2014

We have returned from our amazing trip to San Sebastain, Spain!

It is difficult to sum up the experience in just a few words, but here’s what comes to mind…

Incredible, Unforgettable, Priceless.

The girlsĀ  team was able to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral during a long layover.

We toured the gorgeous countryside of Northern Spain.

We enjoyed multiple breath-taking overlook views.

We went swimming in Spain & France.

We cheered our hearts out during 9 soccer games (both boys & girls games).

“Parent Meetings” were actually fun.

New friends were made by all.

It was worth all of the time, energy, and every single penny spent to make this trip happen.

Jayda & I cannot thank Walt enough for putting this trip together to give us an experience of a lifetime!

We also owe a huge thank you to the coaches that recommended her to be a part of this team.

Here are just a few of the thousands of photos taken during the first 2 weeks of July:

Here are a few of the kids hanging out and having fun:

And, some touristy pics along with cool eye shots of several of the kids.

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