[ Samuel ] Plymouth High School Senior Pictures

July 12, 2015

I’m going to start this post with a random little PSA for all seniors, especially guys. I literally had 3 senior guys call to reschedule due to an epidemic that seems to be going around known as “THE BAD HAIRCUT.” Each mom called and said something like… “It’s just SO bad. There is no way I want him documented like this for his senior pictures.” My son also got a terrible one recently so I can feel their pain. Here’s my advice for haircuts and Senior Pictures…

1. Do not change barbers/stylists before your senior pictures.

2. Don’t try a new hairstyle. Stick with what you know works well on you.

3. Have the hair cut scheduled at least 2 weeks before the session so that it has time to settle into the everyday look.

Okay, back to Samuel…  I kicked off the season right with this great guy who is the star running back for PHS. And, that’s not an exaggeration… we are talking over 1200 rushing yards and 19 TD last regular season. We had a perfect evening for the shoot and it was great getting to know him and his mom. We tried a new spot I hadn’t used before and I absolutely loved it. Renee & Samuel, thank you for choosing me as your photographer. You were delightful to work with!

Plymouth WI Senior Pics

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