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{ 13 } Some Things Never Change ~ Plymouth WI Photography

July 2, 2013

Finally, Jayda’s 13 year old pictures have been taken. We waited the extra 2 months to have her braces off for the shoot.

As I was editing, I was reminded of a picture from when she was 4.


I know I am biased, but I don’t care. My daughter is BEAUTIFUL!

I could honestly photograph her ALL DAY (when she is in the mood to be photographed, lol).

Jayda, I’m so proud of the young woman that you are becoming.

Although, I wish you would slow down the rate at which you are growing.

I love you, Sweets!

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{ Happy Birthday Pup – The Day After Feb 28 } Plymouth WI photography

March 1, 2013

Our pup turns 1 today… well actually, she was a Leap Day baby. So, the big decision came up… do we celebrate her birthday on Feb 28 or Mar 1? We decided we will always celebrate her birthday “the day after Feb 28” each year whether that be Feb 29 or Mar 1.

Late Winter 2012

The kids kept on asking if we could get a dog. We kept telling them that we needed to have the Honda and Jayda’s braces paid off so that we could save the money for a dog. Through top secret conversations, Aaron and I had been doing research. We settled on a Cockapoo due to the cute factor, the upper weight of a small dog, and no shedding. We had been checking out Cute Cockapoos online because I had a referral from a former college roommate who got their dog from them. With each litter that was born we would oooh and aaah over the puppies. We knew that we still had to get those couple things in order financially before we considered purchasing a puppy. The braces were finally paid off but then there was the car.

Last February, a week before Aaron’s birthday, a person from our church approached me wanting to get a dog for our family. Aaron had invested time counseling this family and they wanted to give him this gift as a birthday present. Knowing the breed we wanted and how much they cost I was not sure what to say. As I spoke with this person describing what we were looking for in a dog, s/he said “it sounds like a Cockapoo would be prefect for you.” My jaw hit the floor. The family had a budget for this incredible gift and the pup fit into that budget.  It was SO hard to try to make this decision while keeping it a surprise… should we accept such a gift?

Sometimes the weight of ministry can really wear on a person. That last week of February was one of those mentally and emotionally draining times at work for Aaron. The family presented him with a birthday card at the perfect time, just when he needed a pick me up. He was humbled and  in awe of their thoughtfulness and generosity. We accepted the incredible gracious gift that has given us SO much joy.


So, we were checking the website for any new puppies. Do we want a Buff? Apricot? Red? Black? Chocolate? Tri-color? Merle? Party? I mean really… SO many options. The first new litter that we came across was the Chocolate Tri-color. We loved the unique color and markings so we jumped on it. We waited to tell the kids because we couldn’t bring her home until the middle of April. We told them a couple of weeks before we were supposed to pick her up so we could try to figure out a name. There were many options and it seemed to take forever for all 4 of us to settle on a name. We landed on Reesey because her chocolate and tan coloring  reminded us of a peanut butter cup. Not long after we brought her home she ended up being called Reesey-Roo and many times it just becomes Roo.

Reesey is a bundle of energy with tons of personality. She figured out how to ring a bell to go outside the first week. She adores her morning walks. She loves people. Honestly, you’d think she could wag right out of her skin when people come over. She likes to snag the kitchen towel that hangs from the stove. When she wants to play, she will grab your shoe or sock or a toy and run across the house to tease you with it. She gets super excited to bring the kids to school and pick them up each day. She’s a blessing!

Here are some shots from this past year. She was 5 lbs when we brought her home. Now, she’s a shade over 20 lbs.

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{ Fall Colors & Battle Scars }

October 24, 2012


It’s about time for some updated pictures of my daughter! A couple of weeks ago I dragged her out in front of the brilliantly colored trees that lined our town. She was being her typical goofy self, which I love. Honestly, I was just thankful that she was willing to be my subject as I’ve taken so few pictures of my kids the last 5 months due to the busy season.


This next set of pictures I took back in July. Jayda had an unfortunate accident that resulted in 24 stitches in her right hand. It was a classic story of “kids being kids” and a “life lesson” learned the hard way. Without going into all of the details, let’s just say that reenacting your favorite boy bands’ YouTube videos of “Real Fruit Ninja” is not a wise idea. Anyway, God had completely surrounded her that day. The artery was missed and there was no nerve or tendon damage. Within 6 weeks she was able to try out for volleyball. I’m truly amazed whenever I think about how fortunate she is. Yes, she will have a decent scar for life. But, all things considered, she was protected.  Here are a few shots of her about 8 days after the incident with the stitches still in her hand. WARNING: IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH, DO NOT SCROLL ALL OF THE WAY DOWN…

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