{ The 2nd Annual – Theresa Rose Photography Shoot Out } Plymouth WI

May 13, 2015

A couple of months ago I contacted a group of Junior girls from PHS about being subjects for this year’s Shoot Out. We discussed locations, concepts, outfits and here is what we came up with…

First, we arrived at Maggie’s Closet, a local consignment shop. The owner, Gina Chandler, was wonderful to work with. Not only did she keep her shop open longer that day, but she allowed the girls to pick out clothing and pose as mannequins in her storefront.

TR 1 Shoot Out 2015Next, we drove out to Lake Michigan for a picnic on the beach. It was barely 50 degrees and windy which means it was freezing on the lake. We did our best to eat, have fun, and laugh our way through it all.

TR 2 Shoot Out 2015

Finally, we met a few of their guy friends back in Plymouth for a friendly game of softball. The guys added a fun dynamic to the session.

TR 3 Shoot Out 2015Lizzy, Olivia, Erin, Hannah, Danielle, and Emilie, you were all delightful to work with. Thanks for allowing me to capture your friendships.

I truly enjoyed getting to know each of you!

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{ Senior Portrait Session Fee Sale } plymouth wi photographer

May 11, 2015

Attention Class of 2016:

Don’t miss out!

Here is the final Session Fee sale of the Season…

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{ Valen } High School Senior Photos

March 26, 2015

Here is my drop-dead gorgeous cousin, Valentina Rose. Yep, she another one of the many Roses in our family.
We tried to coordinate a time this past summer/fall for me to travel down to IL for a session but struggled between all of the sports & work schedules.

Fast forward… I had a photography conference in Central IL a couple of weeks ago.
Since I knew I would be passing through, and the weather was actually in the 60’s, I literally called my aunt the day before and asked if we could make this work. After a little discussion, they were in!

One component here was that Valen completely blew out her knee (tore 3 tendons, cartilage, and sprained the only remaining tendon) and had surgery just 4 weeks prior. We tried to minimize walking, didn’t get too crazy with posing, and threw on heels only when need for a full body shot. She is such a trooper!

Valen, I hope that you have an amazing end to your senior year. I pray that you heal completely & enjoy your red-shirt year in Texas. I can’t wait to hear about all you will accomplish on the volleyball court once you are ready to go.

Here are a few of the pics. I jokingly said to my aunt, there may be one or 2 that will work… Seriously!?!

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