{ Kelsey } Kewaskum High School Senior Photos

August 6, 2012

Have I ever mentioned that I love shooting Senior Portraits??

Words cannot even express how much fun was had at this session. First of all, Kelsey opted for the Luxury Session which includes a stylist on location to do hair, make-up, and help with clothing choices. I was able to work once again with the amazing Tina Broderick… which is always fantastic. Being that we all live in 3 different locations we decided to meet in Fond du Lac for the shoot. I knew she wanted a vintage look and dramatic lighting for her athletic shots but I didn’t know what she wanted for her prom dress…

We finished the first field location and Kelsey mentioned that she wanted to take some shots in her prom dress. I asked her what she envisioned for the location in her prom dress. She said “water.” I knew exactly where to go… to the river by my old house… the one that my kids played in countless times over the years… the one that caused our basement to flood 3 times between 2004-2008… but I digress. I looked at her mom and said “Are you ok with the dress in the river?” She admitted it was not what she pictured but she was fine with the decision.

We hit the water and staircases and a parking ramp and when all is said and done it was a fantastic session with lots of smiles and laughter. Kelsey, it’s a fact you are a beautiful and very photogenic girl. Thank you for choosing me to capture you this summer. May you have an incredible senior year and best wishes to you in the future!

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~ Sam ~ Senior Portraits Appleton WI ~

August 23, 2011

Meet Sam:

She is delightful inside and out! She has such a sweet spirit, gorgeous smile, beautiful strawberry blonde locks, and freckles! And, you know how I love freckles 😀

Sam is a tennis player. She hopes to work within the medical field.

The sun was intense that day of our shoot. The lake flies were out of control… to the point of being miserable. But, Sam was the picture of grace in these conditions.

I hope you have an amazing senior year Sam! You were a complete joy to work with.

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~ Post #100 ~ Senior Portraits Kimberly WI ~

August 20, 2011

Today I’m celebrating my 100th post! I’m certain that isn’t a big deal to most. However, I’m thrilled that I stuck with the blog long enough to have 100 posts. Thanks to all 3 readers out there, lol!

What better way to celebrate than to have a killer senior session to blog about!

Meet Katie. She loves to dance. She is absolutely stunning! I had the hardest time narrowing down the images because she really does NOT take a bad picture… ever.

Katie is all smiles all the time. I think I was smiling through the entire shoot as well because you cannot help but smile when she’s smiling.

This was our first “Luxury” session. I had a blast working with stylist Tina Broderick who gave Katie different hair styles throughout the shoot.

Katie, we hope you love your portraits and have an amazing senior year. Tina & I had a blast working with you!

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